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Inside the Cavern you will find THOUSANDS of classified ads, most with pictures. You will also find letters, well over eighty pages of true stories, over 300 illustrated stories, 200+ AMATEUR video clips, the Hubby's Hideaway, The Prospective Hotwife Message Board, Cream Pie Platter, Well-Bred White Girls, Chatrooms galore, Interracial Puzzle Games, Cartoons, Trading Post (for amateur movie makers), How To Guides and much more! All submitted by members just like YOU, real submissions from real people.

Sample Classifieds Page
Send in your ads just like the old days! Your personal ads, added by hand according to your directions. Meet the exact type of people you want!

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Remember there are several hundred inside just like this one, stories and images sent in by our members detailing their TRUE interracial adventures.

Sample Video Page
We make custom videos based on member feedback. Check out our cheaters series! Brazen wives caught in the act who just keep cheating. Don't spy on your wife fellas, unless you're sure you want to see it. These wives won't stop just because you found out!

The Dark Room (message board and chat room)
DC chat is back and better than ever. If you were here for the glory days of the Cavern COME BACK! Help us make the Cavern an amazing community once again. We can't do it without your support and participation!

The Cavern is normally updated once a week (at the weekend) unless we're on a well deserved break!

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 DARK CAVERN SLUTS are the nastiest sluts there are! We filmed our own 'special' videos showing hardcore married white ho's getting off with the biggest, blackest dicks we could find. Watch as our girls try to talk to hubby on the phone with a mouthful of cock, or check out the 'Cheaters' clip where hubby wishes he hadn't been so eager to know what's really going on, and he especially wishes his wife hadn't been so eager to show him!

 THE ARTIST'S GALLERY is for original interracial artwork. There are currently 7 different artists displaying the body of work in the cavern, and hundreds of illustrations from various contributors. We are proud to feature the work of John Persons, Sandy Who and other well-known illustrators. Some of the acts depicted in the artwork is not safe in real life, or even possible!
 BAREBACKING means unsafe sex, in this case wives taking it raw from their black lovers. The question isn't IF they're going to get knocked up, but when! These couples are VERY committed to the lifestyle!

In a few special cases you get to see the conception and then pix of the swollen bellies that result from this risky, obscene behavior.

 CHOKING ON CHOCOLATE is one of our many, many specialty galleries, in this particular case the specialty is sexy white wives choking on their black lovers cock while hubby snaps the pictures.

What more convincing way to show your man that you love black cock than a long session of cock-worship with the same mouth you used to kiss him when you said 'I Do'.

 THE DARK CAVERN is THE biggest source of real-life meetings on the web between white couples and sexy black men. There are literally thousands of ads in the Cavern, most with pictures. In many cases the ads are cross-linked to pictorials of the meetings that resulted from the ad.

Click here to check out a real sample page from our Classifieds section, just one of hundreds of similar pages inside, all broken down by geographical area.

 OUR CONTRIBUTORS! There are many women who have their own personal websites devoted to interracial lust, run by them personally with help sometimes from their hubby. Many of these women submit photo galleries and stories to the Cavern regularly to help make themselves known. The sample on the left is just a small taste of how hot these girls can get.

featured contributor on the left: Reno Susan

 The FACIALS section is just what it sounds like, big black cocks dropping loads on submissive white faces. These ladies proudly display their creamy badges of honor for their husbands and for YOU!

For some of these studs this is like marking their territory and letting the hapless husbands know that they've made their claim on their sweet beloved wives.

n. A man married to an unfaithful wife.

Dark Cavern couples get off on extramarital sex, and cheating just isn't enough for these ladies, they like to show it off! This is where the hubby is watching and/or the one taking the photos of the action.

The cheating experience just isn't the same for these husbands unless they can see it happening right in front of their face!

 SHOW YOUR RING!! A very special section. The wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of love and devotion that a man can give to a woman when he makes her his bride. It denotes love, affection and a vow of total fidelity.

It makes the experience that much more intense to see her handling her lovers big cock with the wedding ring fully in view, this is the ULTIMATE expression of cuckoldry!

 WIFEWRITING An explosion of cuckold creativity! These women submit to having the filthiest things written on their bodies telling everyone exactly what they want and exactly where they want it.

The best thing about the Cavern is that what you'll find in here is only limited by the imagination of the couples who are part of the Cavern, and there is NO LIMIT to their imagination.

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