Coco, we want all of your loyal readers to share in our excitement over our first Dark Cavern Success Story !! We received an email from Our Friend who had seen our ad on the Florida section of the Meeting Place, looking for discreet and professional black males, and after a few email transactions and phone conversations, we set up a place and time to meet him at a hotel here in South Florida.
Bambi prepared for the meeting by wearing high heels and her shortest and tightest red miniskirt, which even when she pulls down barely is able to cover her ass and pussy. Her outfit made it easy for Our Friend to find us in the hotel lounge.
He arrived right on time, and we all introduced ourselves. He was a gentleman, and Bambi and his chemistry was great from the start. After some small talk and a drink, Bambi was feeling comfortable, so I suggested we head to our suite.

After arriving in our suite, we made some more small talk while Bambi stood talking with Our Friend, giving him ample time to study her body from his sitting position. Then, I pulled Bambi close to me, and keeping her on her feet with her back facing Our Friend, I then pulled her miniskirt up and told her to bend over slightly, so that Our Friend could see that she had shaved her pussy bare for the event.

This was when the party truly got started. She stripped out of her clothes while he did the same, and he took her into his arms. I told him to reach behind her and to spread her asshole and pussy open for this picture.

Things heated up, with them both running their hands up and down each other's bodies. I suggested she greet him in the proper manner, and she fell to her knees to begin worshipping his cock. She took his cock into her mouth and began working up and down it, taking his cock as deep as she could, drooling all over him and herself as she went.

Soon, as you can see, she had his cock down her throat all the way to his balls!! She was repeated gagging on his cock, as he thrust it against the back of her throat, but she still couldn't get enough of his black cock fucking her face!! She was truly a black-cock hungry slut !!

Now it was time to watch him work his cock up her pussy, and she was led over to the bed, where he laid down on his back, while she climbed aboard. Her pussy was dripping, and she easily slipped his cock up her shaved cunt and began riding him hard. There is only way that Bambi knows how to fuck, and that's "fast and hard," and that's exactly the kind of ride she gave Our Friend.

From there, she flipped onto her knees, and for the next hour, we both took turns stretching her cunt out with our cocks. She kept up begging for more for the entire time, and we had to be sure we paced ourselves. Each time we'd withdraw, she'd say "somebody fuck me NOW!" We then turned her over onto her back, and as he pounded her pussy, she stoked my cock with her hand. Soon, he was about to cum, and when he pulled up to come on her tits, I grabbed my cock and stroked it over her tits and neck. We came within seconds of each other, and she took it all with head back, a dreamy look in her eyes, and smile on her well-fucked face. As Our Friend and I caught our breath, she took her time savoring all the cum (she absolutely adores heavy cum baths!), rubbing it deliciously into her skin while we watched.

Then, she flipped onto her knees again, and I grabbed my camera. She reached back and pulled her asshole and pussy open once again for the camera while Our Friend got a good look. This is our way of saying "Thank You" to Coco and Dark Cavern for helping Bambi become the black-cock hungry slut that she now is!!! She now is ready for an all-black gang bang !!! I'll be sure to take pictures for our next Dark Cavern Success Story!! Thanks again !!!