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Dante lost his job and is basically a looser to Crystal. Although she hasn't left him, she makes it very clear that he was doing a bad job at his job, and in the bedroom. Well crystal has some side black COCK in her life, and does not really care if Dante finds out! Maybe this looser will get some motivation to fuck her the right way and step his game up!!
Cory suspects that his hot wife Veronica might be cheating because things have been rough the past few years.. well Veronica has developed an appetite for BIG BLACK COCK and that is something that Cory just doesn't have! he was right about her cheating, and she was actually in the middle of some BIG BLACK COCK ROUGH sex when he finds out!!

Jenner isn't sure that Myah spends her time watching kids, and good thing he looked into her long hours because the ONLY thing this slut is watching is a BIG BLACK COCK going in and out of her tight pussy! Cum inside and watch this dirty slut get down to business!!
Chelsea's hubby is always working and she just couldn't resist servicing the handyman this time around!

Now all of their appliances are in perfect working order, and her wedding ring has even been polished... with the handymans cum!!

Lisa has been married to Joe for about 2 years and is already sick of his ass! What better way to show him by having him walking in on her while she has a big black cock inside of her pussy!

Joe was slightly suspicious, but wasn't ready for this shocker!! wait till you see what happens!
Hillary's husband is a hard working construction worker who just can't seem to keep her in line! She went out and found herself a black stud with a BIG BLACK COCK to NAIL her with!

See what happens when Bill comes home to find out Hillary is not only playing with his tool but this BLACK studs!!

Dave has been suspicious Kayla might be cheating on him because she doesn't seem to be in the mood very often. Well that is because she has her own daily dose of BIG BLACK COCK!!

This skank even fucks in THEIR own bed! What a scandalous slut!!
Mia gets BUSTED getting some black dick on the side, caught in the act! She's sorry hubby had to find out the hard way but she's glad he found out. She tells him straight up that he doesn't provide enough for her, he's not man enough for her, and she's in "Paradise" with her new man! What a cruel bitch!!

I wonder if he can get a refund for the wedding ring?!

The LATEST episode of Dark Cavern CHEATERS.
Our Dark Cavern detective helps husbands find out if wifey has been naughty or nice while he's away, and our cameras cover everything that happens.

Sabastian recently married Bailey, and is suspicious that she might be cheating. Bailey CRAVES HARD COCK and in this episode I think they BOTH find this out the HARD way!!
While Paris's husband is hard at work.. her new lover is hardly working to shove is big black cock deep down her throat!

This cheating whore doesn't really care if her husband finds out because she has found out that she is addicted to big black
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Lisa is a real scandalous slut! This girl doesn't even fix the bed after her black lover fucks her before her husband gets home! He said the house was a mess when he got home .. but didn't know it was from her black lover fucking her all around the house!!

Lisa is another slut who is willing to ditch her marraige for some big black cock!
The second episode of Dark Cavern CHEATERS.
Our Dark Cavern detective helps husbands find out if wifey has been naughty or nice while he's away, and our cameras cover everything that happens.

In this episode, Kira is caught by our detectives cheating AGAIN. This time hubby's not going to take it! Watch as he gets over his hurt and quickly jumps in the action with a total stranger to give his wife a fucking she will never forget!

Our first episode of a new series! Our Dark Cavern detective helps husbands find out if wifey has been naughty or nice while he's away, and our cameras cover everything that happens. In this episode Will, a devoted and faithful husband, works long hours as a construction supervisor and prides himself on taking care of his lovely stay at home wife Katie. He's suspicious that someone else is taking good care of her while he's at work and he was ready to find out the worst. That's exactly what he found too, turns out Katie isn't so nice to him in the end!
Judy's insecure husband keeps calling her at work to check up on his trusty little wife. She has to tell him she loves him over and over but he just doesn't seem to believe it. He must be psychic, because Judy's horny black boss is trying to stick his dick in her mouth the whole time they're talking!!
Judy's working overtime and bringing home the big money, and all she has to do is keep her boss's dick happy eight hours a day. Watch her try to get a raise in this scene.

This scene starts out with Lexi on the phone talking to hubby. She's not happy at all when he tells her he has to work late and she thinks he may be up to no good. Lexi's so upset the pool guy can't help but ask what's wrong, and Lexi sees her chance for revenge.
Watch her take him inside and show him what her husband's missing! When Hubby calls her to say he's sorry she doesn't even stop fucking and let's her new man skeet all over her face while she tells hubby she still loves him :) HOT!!!
Shawna's MAD because hubby won't come home and help her set up her new computer, so she finds someone who knows how to insert plug A into slot B on her own.
When you have a sexy new wife at home and she tells you she needs you at home, you better get there quick! This clip tells you what can happen when your sexy little wife wants a job done and you're not around to do it. She WILL find someone else for the job, and it might be your neighbor, your best pal, your boss or anyone who'll step up to the plate for a woman in need!

No wife likes to be stuck with a drunk, and Tina decides she's had it with hubby's sloppy drunk ways. Hubby's friend volunteers to drag hubby inside and help clean up in the kitchen. Tina volunteers to get on her knees in the kitchen instead!
They have so much fun cleaning up that they decide to take the party out to the front room, and they fuck on the couch right in front of hubby so they can keep an eye on him. She does keep her eye on him until it gets covered with cum!
Erin and her girlfriend have plans to go to Jamaica to smoke some fine ganja and some big black cock. Erin's hubby has other ideas and decides to let her know who wears the pants in his house!
Unfortunately for him, it turns out that the man wearing the pants in the family is the big black buck next door, and he's taking them off so that he can fuck little Erin right there in her own little home sweet home. Hubby comes early and gets an eyeful, but whose fault is that? He should know by now: What Erin wants, Erin GETS!