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Welcome to our Customer Service
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We want your experience with our sites to be an enjoyable one, and we're here to answer any question you may have regarding your membership status and address any problems you encounter using our sites.


Q: “What do I get for becoming a paid member?”

A: First off, your paid membership is how we keep the lights on, so we appreciate the support!  You can do almost anything on this site as a free member that a paid member can do.  You can participate in the chat, forums, view profiles and modify and update your own profile as much as you wish.  The big difference is that paid members can read and send emails from other members directly from their profile.  There are plenty of members here who don't participate in the chat and forums, but they do read their messages.


Q: “How do I meet other members?”

A: You can browse our profiles by zip code or city or keyword.  When you see another member who interests you, send them a message and see where it goes!


Q: “I keep sending messages but nobody responds!”

A: We can't force our members to reply to a member they're not interested in, but we CAN tell you that you will get more and better responses with a fully filled out profile.  Show yourself in your avatar and be honest and detailed about what you're looking in your 'About Me' section.  Most of our members aren't looking to fall in love with and marry a beautiful supermodel, they're looking to meet like-minded people who share the same interests are willing to act on them.  We're about making mutual fantasies come true, and the more information you can present to interested members the better your chance of getting what you REALLY want from the Cavern.  That also applies to life in general, by the way.


Q: “How do I see the Darkcavern custom video scenes?”

A: Our DCvideos profile is dedicated to our custom content.  You can also message dcvideos with any questions, comments or feedback you have about the site.


Q: “I don't want my husband/wife/lover to know my dark secrets.
What shows up on the credit card bill if I join?”

A: Our billing descriptor doesn't contain any adult terminology, and there will be a customer service # to contact.


Q: “My password doesn't work! What do I do?"

A: A common problem with site access is not using the correct case. If you chose BAseBaLL as your password, you have to type BAseBaLL EXACTLY to access the site. Typing baseball will NOT work, usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. If your username/password combination still doesn't work, send an email to for help.


Q: "My issue isn't covered here.  I want to talk to a site admin!"

A:  We're happy to help.  You can email us at and get an answer to any question you might have.  We look forward to hearing from you!