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578 days ago

One of her nights out
So at this point she’d already left home for a few weeks and played house with a young black male she met off a site I put her on. (I swear I didn’t realize it was a hook site) I had begged her to come home telling her she could continue getting all the attention I now know she enjoyed. 
it was supposed to be under the condition that I helped find her men and was to be present when she met them. She came home but I soon found out she was going to going to disappear and get fucked when she wanted and there was nothing I could do about it. 
Soooo one time I looked at her phone and found messages from a huge black bull who lived an hour away from us. I actually first chatted with him on a site like this one and then shared the site with her one night while we were making love. He was very dominant with her and I couldn’t believe the way she was responding to a complete stranger. He was commanding her to drive to his apartment and be his whore. I confronted her about our agreement for me to be kept in the loop which started an argument. 
A week later she told me she needed time to herself. I was working nights and before I could race home she was gone. I repeatedly called her, when she finally answered we had a brief conversation which she ended telling me to just please stop. Her voice had a tone that said (just let this happen) I think I even called him repeatedly. He answered once and said “boy, I don’t even like white people. I’m busy , leave me alone) 
I sat home and jerked off imagining what she was doing. I tried calling her afterwards but she never answered none of my phone calls. 
She came home in the morning and went straight to the shower claiming she just needed time to herself. I found her hidden panties with a huge amount of moist semen still in them. I don’t know why but I brought them to my mouth. 
She’s recently started being comfortable sharing details with me. Apparently when she answered the phone she was already at his apartment and he was sliding his fingers inside her pussy. And I guess when he answered he had her head hanging off the bed teaching her how to take larger cocks deeper in her throat. He ended up cumming inside my wife 4 times that night. He was fucking her from behind at one point and propped her phone up so she could see me calling while she came on the biggest black cock she’s ever had.
I recently told her what I did with the panties and she laughed and said “if I had known that I’d have brought you a whole lot more” be careful what you wish for folks. I found out that black men really like fucking married red heads. 
She’s been taking a break but I’m working on getting her to start back up and let me watch.

389 days ago

Sounds like you need to have him over to fuck her so you can watch and clean her pussy of his cum and fluff him if he wants.

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