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ok here's the info you need!
This forum is provided as a way to increase engagement and interaction for our members.  It is NOT intended to allow free members to make dates without bothering to join.  Not because we don't want you to hook up, but because we DO want to be able to pay our hosting bills and maybe even shoot a new custom video scene for you guys one of these days.  That being said, we need to have some rules so here goes: 
No posting your contact info on this forum.  That includes email addresses, phone numbers etc and so on.  If you want to contact and meet another member, then please sign up as a full paid member.  It's less than a dollar a day, and we estimate that you can easily find a new hot profile to jack off to every day for the next five or six years.  It's a good deal guys, don't fuck it up. 
No soliciting illegal activities.  Specifically, don't ask people for money to meet the wife etc.  Don't ask for pictures on any illegal topic.  In general, don't do anything that's going to get your loyal webmaster (me) in trouble with The Man.  They are watching, they do pay attention. 
Use your own pictures on your profile.  In the near future, we are going to add the ability to suspend profiles.  This means that if your profile has nonsense text in the About Me section or you have a picture of Mickey Mouse as your profile picture, your account will be suspended until you replace it.  We will also be requiring all members who signed up before the minimum text requirement in the About Me section to add some text.  The point of this isn't to make you work harder, it's to make the profiles interesting.  Also, you won't be getting any action on your profile if it is blank or uninteresting. 
YES, all the profiles are real.  We're not Ashley Madison.  All  the initial profiles are taken directly from the DarkCavern meetup section and all profiles since have been added by legit and actual members. 
That's about all I can think of for now, but I will be adding to this thread as time goes on and different issues make themselves known.  Play safe, have fun, above all JOIN THE DAMN SITE.  We need paying members to survive.  It's just that simple.  I want to return the DarkCavern to it's glory days, and I can't do that without YOU.
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