I've been told to submit the following story as instructed by an admirer of my wife, Marita. We received many responses to my submission a couple of weeks ago, but this one caught my eye as you will see.


I saw your recent submission in Dark Cavern (Dark Desires 1/7/00) and saw pictures of your wife Marita. What intrigued me most was her resemblance to a very cold classmate I had when in business school at [Name of school deleted]. Her name is [Marita's real name deleted]. In fact I think they are the same people. She was a cold fish in school never wanting to party or go drinking with us. She had the nicest white globes that you could see in her smart business interview suit and silk blouses. I wanted to rip it off her body and fuck her right in the classroom. Those of us in the black MBA group used to talk about who should break her in and loosen her nice round white ass.

Well when I saw her pics in the DC, I looked her up in the alumni directory, called her, and realized that she is the same person. Its nice to see that her little 5'3" 110lb big titted frame hasn't changed much, but I'm also glad that you've got her ready for black cock, as I am a black man myself. I don't get out to the Northwest much, but if I do, I'm definitely stopping by for a visit and more. Now that I know who you are and you don't know me, here is what you are going to do for me until I get out there to get that nice piece of white meat. If you don't do as I say, I'm going to anonymously send printouts of your DC submission and pictures to her and her co-workers to see what you are plotting to do to her behind her back. Yes this is virtual blackmail, but I think you' ll enjoy this.

As your first deed, I want you to submit a pictorial of Marita along with this note to DC (you can delete any incriminating information). I know she doesn't know what you are going to do with these pics, but you must submit this to DC by the next deadline or I will reveal your little prank:

Get Marita a little drunk as if I were to take her out for some drinks. Show everyone what Marita looks like in her business suit, a white blouse, with a nice classy pearl necklace. Make sure she wears stockings under the suit.

Then have her do a striptease like the one done in the movie 9.5 weeks.

Have her suck you off. I gotta see what those full lips look like around your puny cock! You see, if I were there (because I will be the next chance I get to come out there), I'd hide in the closet and watch you get her all hot and bothered.

I then want you tie her up to a chair, blindfold her, and spread her legs wide open. We also need to see her huge tits, so make sure you get them in the picture.

I then want to see you pretend like you are me coming out of the closet and taking advantage of her while she is tied up. I want you to use your black dildo on her too.

I want to see your little white Wall St. gal helpless in a chair, with an open invitation for black cock. I can't wait to show our other classmates about how that wench from business school is someone who craves black cock. This is a great service you are providing to all us black men. Marita (I like how you stole this name from her classmate) deserves this for her holier than thou attitude I had to deal with for two years and because she needs to be made into a real slut.

Now get to work little boy, I want to see this in the next update. Write to Marita's husband and tell him what a slut he has in the making.