Marita's Training Progress

I just wanted to update everyone on my conversion of my wife to become a slut for black cock. I have been an avid reader of DC and have been reading up to find out how to convert my wife.

Just to remind everyone, we met while at grad school of a major Ivy League institution. Not only a very bright lady, Marita had that seductive Librarian look that I just had to get to know. She had horn-rimmed glasses, short brunette hair, green eyes, and curvaceous 5'3" frame and 34DD tits that she hid under suits. You see, Marita grew up in New England with a religious conservative up-bringing in a WASPy part of the country and I somehow could tell she was burning to explore her inner desires.

Well fast forward 8 years later and we have two boys, great careers as financial portfolio managers and Marita has become quite a good and adventurous lover, but I want a real slut. I wanted to see the burning urges that make her so appealing.

Last year I started to change our fantasies in bed and my sex tape selection and found that Marita liked black men. She has become intrigued with Sean Michaels (especially his Dinner Party tape). We now start every sexcapade by watching a scene from one of his movies.

Then we get to the sexual fantasy. I usually blindfold Marita and tie her up. I then place my dick in her mouth, then I pull out her favorite black dildo to see if I can fool her. I tell her that one of these days she'll get the real thing and she tries harder to suck on the black dildo harder (or is it me? or some black stranger?) Sometimes I come home early to see her with this plunged in her pussy. I've also noticed that she has taken it to work or on business trips with her on occasion.

She is just lapping away at the dildo, but I can't let her know that I secretly invited black men into the room , so I blindfold her again and tell her suck on the dildo while I enter her from behind.

She tells me I feel bigger than normal and I tell her that maybe I invited Sean over to fuck her and she pushes harder and starts to grunt.

This is where I tell her I need to tie her up again and that some day this will be to keep her from running away when I bring several black men to take her on. She willingly lets me tie her up and opens her mouth and legs for anything that is put in her cunt or mouth.

I tell her that she needs several large men to satisfy her and she yells "Yes, fuck me with that chocolate stick!"

I then place the large dildo in her dripping pussy and she starts to say "oh god, it's huge, I can't take it. She starts kicking her panty-hosed legs around. Someday I will have a friend jump out of the closet and insert his own cock.

This is part of the fantasy when I then tell her that I've fooled her and that she is now the slave of several black men and is to be their white slut. This is when she always goes berserk and starts bucking and having multiple orgasms. I tell her that she will be their star attraction at the local southside strip bar. They'll make her go there after work every day before she comes home.

She cries out for more cock and wanting to suck more and starts rubbing her pussy before cumming and laying on the floor exhausted.

Guys, she is almost fully trained. Now the hard part. The conversion. Afterwards, she tells me that she doesn't think she could do it. She says she's too scared. I think she's ready if the right guy/guys came along and we had the right plan to catch her in that moment of weakness or to create that right moment.

We could pretend to be old acquaintances or colleagues, we could do the masseuse trick at a hotel, or even some kind of strip-o-gram for her birthday.

I will tell you she is looking for in-shape and good looking black men who are clean cut (no beards or moustaches). A nice flat cut or shave head would probably be preferred. Guys who can look like class businessmen will have a good chance..... and Michael Jordan (if you are reading this), she wants you BAD!!

Send inquiries and ideas!! Also want to hear from other husbands who are at the same stage of training with their wives.