Dear Coco,

    Well it has been a week since my wife met with her first black encounter and I can honestly say that it has been well worth the journey. If anyone wants to read about my futile attempts prior to this, they only need search the Dark Cavern for my stories using this email or my old email,

    I know everyone wants the details so for the impatient ones: Yes she enjoyed it and yes it was great. Yes we hope they will meet again and it appears likely. It was enlightening for her as well as for me and even after researching the subject for over 10 years and praying for the day to come, I never could have imagined it being any better.

    For all the husbands out there who want this for their wives, I now know that everyone is different, but I want to give you hope. This is a fantasy that I've had for over 10 years and my wife was a very conservative and slow moving subject. Keep it up, make sure it is something you get her involved with and make this her fantasy too. In the end that will be the key to success.

    For me, the key was to convince my wife that after 3 kids and into her mid 30s that her 5'2 frame and 110 lbs were still attractive. While her 32D breasts had lost their bounce, her body in total still is a treasure under her business suits and casual attire. I knew she had it in her though. She was a tiger in bed and she always seemed to heighten in intensity when we talked dirty about her with a black cock or watched an interracial movie.

    Eventually I got her to pose on some of the amateur sites anonymously and then to commit to her own site. The positive comments and the encouragement of her fans built her ego enough until she finally decided to go for it. During this time she had developed an online dialogue with several webgirls who had gone black as well as a couple of men that they recommended as a good first black lover in our area. One of these guys was Mark who I had met in person 4 months ago and told her that he would be the best fit for what she was looking for.

    Mark is about 6'2, 220 lbs of solid muscle, very good looking, and very intelligent. I knew right off the bat that if she got a look at him in person and he got his hands on her, she could never resist.

    So a month ago she sent him an email saying it was time. And after matching schedules during the holiday season, I booked them a room at a downtown hotel. We got there an hour early so she could shower and primp herself to meet him. We were amazingly surprised how calm we were. In the days running up to the magic day I started to see a transformation in her. She went to get her hair done. She got her face and makeup done at the cosmetics department of the department store the morning of the encounter. She went and got a pedicure and manicure, and most importantly she got a bikini wax. When I asked her how come she never did this for me, she just giggled and said she used to do it, but if she was going to sleep with only the second man in her life she wanted to look her best.

    When the hour arrived, we kissed each other knowing that our lives would be changing. We had agreed that we wouldn't talk until afterwards and that open communication was going to be the sanest way to live with what was about to happen. I left her in the room with a bottle of wine and went to meet Mark in the lobby. He looked awesome in tight black jeans and a skin tight wool shirt that showed off his muscular physique. He had done this before, but I know he was nervous too having waited two years for this encounter and only having had a brief live conversation with her on the phone. I'm sure there was some doubt in his mind if there was really a woman involved. At the same time his patience was what convinced us he was the right guy.

    I led him to the room as we discussed final do's and dont's for the first encounter and he promised he'd leave her wanting more. As he entered the room with me behind him and rounded the corner to the bed, I heard her say, 'Wow' as they greeted each other and embraced. She wore a little black dress and black thigh highs with a black tanga and pumps. I just sat in the corner in silence as she poured him a glass of wine and they clinked glasses. After some small talk she put her glass down and straddled his legs, hiking her skirt so she could spread her legs wide enough and started kissing him.

    I couldn't hear anything but whispering, slurping and little grunts and groans from the pleasures of their tongues. I couldn't believe how my little business wife was really kissing this guy. I watched his hands reach around and down her panties to cup her ass and I heard her gasp for air and say, 'Oh god'.

    She then got off his lap, took his hand and led him to the bed where they stood and kissed. The foot difference in height made her look so small in his hands as he grabbed and squeezed her ass. He whispered something else and she started unbuckling his pants and pushing them down to the ground and squeezing the bulge in his shorts.

    He got out of his sox and shoes and then she pulled out his erect cock. Her exact words were, 'oh my god, it's beautiful'. And before you knew it she was on her knees and sucking his cock. I checked my watch. They had barely known each other five minutes and she was sucking this stranger's cock like it was no tomorrow. She sucked his cocked and licked his balls for 20 minutes as he forced her mouth down on his growing cock. Hearing him say, 'You are a definite cock lover' made me so proud of my wife. He then picked her up like a little doll in his big arms. They started kissing and he whispered another something into her ear and she nodded affirmatively.

    I couldn't resist a moan coming out of my gut as she sat on his face, closed her eyes and started groaning and squeezing her tits as she called his name and then started sucking his cock again in a 69 position. I don't think he could hold back any longer so he flipped her onto her back and just started eating her out more and sucking on her nipples. She started getting dizzy and just flopped around like a woman possessed. She started beggin him to fuck her and pleading. I could not believe it!

    He told her to suck his cock again and get it real hard and she did until he flipped her on her back. Before he arrived, we had put some condoms in the nightstand and I told her she could just grab them as needed. He squirted some lubricant on his cock and she looked at me then just grabbed his cock and guided it between her legs without any protection. She just wrapped her legs and arms around him and kissed him wildly.

    He started fucking her harder than I'd ever seen her fucked and she just pulled her legs back and let him pummel her. Her face and ears turned bright red from exhaustion as his thighs slapped against hers with force. Suddenly I think she scared him as she came violently as her body tensed and her legs pointed up in the air and she yelled, 'Oh Yes!'

    He then rolled onto his back without ever leaving her and she fucked him cowgirl style. His hands on her chest she thanked him as she bounced up and down on his cock while he pinched and sucked her nipples. Suddenly he started saying, 'oh baby, I'm gonna cum'. He said it twice before I yelled to get her out of her stupor, 'Rebecca, get off'. She suddenly opened her eyes and jumped off as his sperm shot up and slapped her chin.

    I went to get a hot towel to wipe him off, but when I came back she was licking him up and swallowing! She had never done that before. She just told me that he smelled and tasted so sweet that she really liked licking it up! My God, she was really a slut.

    She then signaled me to get them a glass of water and when I came back from the restroom they were in bed under the covers and making out again. She looked over at me and gave me a pre-planned approval sign. This meant that she wanted some alone time with him. I was to leave her for an hour so that they could relax and get real intimate. I was thrilled. This meant she felt okay with him.

    The next hour was nerve-wracking as I paced about 3 miles in the hotel lobby before coming back in the room. Fortunately there was some football game going on television in the hotel bar. When I walked in she was lying on the bed spread- eagled with dry cum all over her and he was in the shower. She looked over at me and said 'thank you for a wonderful Christmas present'. The smile made me feel good. I had hoped for this day, but also wanted my wife to come away happy. And she was!

    She got up and kissed me and I could smell his scent on her. 'Would you mind if I jumped into the shower with him?' she asked. I nodded and off she went. I could hear him laugh with pleasure as she joined him. I stared out the window and thought I heard something. It was her screaming. I opened the bathroom door and could hear her yelling, 'Fuck me harder Mark, Oh god, you're so good. Anytime you want me I'm yours'. I pulled back the curtain and could see him fucking her from behind and her head pressed up against the cold marble tile with a look of pure pain and pleasure at the same time!

    I left them to finish and smiled.

    The aftermath was the best. That night we made love and she thanked me a million times. She told me she was looking forward to the next time if that was okay with me. I chuckled. Almost every other conversation over the past week was about him. Mostly it was her asking if I minded if she did something with him the next time. I told her as long as it made her happy, it made me happy.

    Her sexual drive has increased and her self esteem about her body has grown immensely. I could never have guessed it would turn out this good.

    For all those on the fence or still attempting to do this, I can only give a big thumbs up. Keep trying, do it right, and you will have everything you wanted and more! It will be well worth the journey.