Dear Coco,

    I am sitting here writing this about 5 hours before I let my 37 year old wife meet not only her first interracial encounter, but her first time with another man besides myself in 19 years. As those who recognize my email address and one I used to use (, I have been trying for almost 10 years to convince my wife and mother of my children to become a more outgoing sexual woman. I'm not sure if she was just a more difficult project or if I was too forceful or not forceful enough, but it seemed to take forever. But after all these long years, the wait is almost over.

    I have so many to thank. I started this whole desire of lust, not knowing what my wife would think when I told her. Would she slap me, laugh at me, leave me? When she reacted positively to XXX rated videos featuring black men, I knew I had a chance. I started videotaping here and taking her photos promising that I'd never share them. It took me years, but she finally let me post a few here and there and we were off. But I hit that roadblock between fantasy and reality. Every sexual encounter between us ended with her saying how she wanted to be a slut for black cock and how she wanted to have a black man, but as soon as she came to her senses, she said she could never do it for real.

    I sought the advice of Dark Cavern, Dark Wanderer and other hubbies and interracial women on the web such as Lorilust, Jackie from MyHotwife, Cherri, DFWKnight, and Janet. They all told me to be patient and honest with her. They all recommended possible men for our first time. Which we are going to do. We are meeting a man that two of the aforementioned ladies have met. We've seen his video and his body and my wife is in awe. In fact we watched it again and again last night just to get ready for this meeting. We have been in touch with him for over 2 years via email. We have some life changes over the time, but his patience, honesty and courteous attitude are about to pay off.

    Is there a how-to lesson in this? I don't think so. For all those husbands out there, all I can preach is patience and forthrightness. The first I had plenty of. The second characteristic I have to admit I wasn't good at. I wasn't honest with my wife about me feelings and desires and although many advised me that was the best way to go, it wasn't until I was so desperate to have it happen and told my wife that this wasn't just any old fantasy did she really start wanting to no more and start thinking about how this might help us. She wanted to know if I still loved her and was this normal. I put her in touch with other women on the Net and she started to see that this was a common urge. Even Oprah got into the picture when she revealed she was going to do a nude portrait for her husband on her 50th birthday. My wife said, if Oprah can do it, so can I.

    Still, my wife was not comfortable about her body after 3 children. She knew she wanted the guy's body, but was not confident about hers. I convinced her to post a few more photos for comments but only got comments from underaged people so she set up a website through a reputable adult amateur site and the comments have been great. She got renewed confidence and felt better about herself to the point she shocked me one day and said, " If I meet a black man, who should it be?"

    I was shocked but decided to take action. I met with 3 men she had been corresponding with and chose the man that she is going to meet with today. Schedules were hard to match this holiday season, but after a month of planning the day is finally here.

    I got ourselves a room at a hotel and got a new video camera just for this event. But more than anything, what amazes me is her transformation. This week she has been out getting manicures, pedicures, a bikini wax and a visit to the hair salon! I'm thinking, she is treating this like a prom date. It is so nice to see her excited about this day. I can't wait to tell you all about it in my next note.

    I also want to take this minute to thank you all for this forum and for any and all of you who I have spoken with over the past several years, every little bit of advice was a great gift and your help was appreciated.

    Today is the end of a long journey for me, but it is also the beginning of what I hope will be a great new adventure!