It looks like we've hit a snag.  Your wife appears to be more difficult than I thought.  Oh well, the challenge is making me even more hungry to plant some seed in my former classmate.  I do want to acknowledge your help in trying to coerce her into coming to the East Coast for the reunion next week as well as the NY recruiting dinner and reception.  

Her desire to stay at home is understandable, but very frustrating for me and my black partners in crime.  You have no idea how much we wanted a piece of white MBA pussy.  I mean the sexiest broads are the smart ones who when they dress well for business also look so sexy.  She and her little contingent of white married and engaged gals seemed so off-limits when I went to school with her 10 years ago.  Now she is just so close to being my fulfilled fantasy.  One thing is for sure, she still has no clue that you and I are trying to set her up for a black cock unbeknownst to her.  

Well, since 3,000 miles still separate us, I need some fulfillment since I don't see any California trips in my near future.  If you have kept up your end of the bargain, then she hasn't had any sex for the whole month of April and must be aching for a little love.  Well, she's still not going to get you. I want you to tell her the fantasy that you were going to have her fulfill.  Tell her that you would love to see her go away on a business trip and be gang banged by some nice looking black men.  The whole time I want you to photograph the whole thing and send the pics to Dark Cavern with this note.  I want everyone to see her and how much she loves black cock.

Here is the scenario I want you to shoot and send to me and Dark Cavern:  I want her to be dressed in all white like a virgin.  I then want to see her sucking on her black dildo.  Tell her this is all she's getting.  Then have her ride it by sitting down on it.  I haven't seen her take it deep so tell her she's got to make it go deep in her.  I want to see the anguish on her face as a deep black object is plunged in her.  Tell her its like riding a long black cock for real.  I want so see this action from front and behind.

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I want DC members to see where they might find an unsuspecting , yet beautifully sexy white businesswoman who is hot for black cock.   This I have to see.  So get to it as I want to see this in the next issue of Dark Cavern.