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Stories & Confessions

Tracy, Canadian BBC Slut

This is Tracey's very own Slut Spot on the Cavern.

Then & Now

Show your wife in her younger days and as she is now.

Dark Desires

True stories of interracial wife-watching experiences, complete with photos. Not for the faint of heart!

Our First Time

For stories and pics of first time interracial encounters, similar to Dark Desires, but first timers only please!

Pro-Am Passion

This section is similar to Dark Desires, but is for Pro-Am submissions.

Letters from Husbands and Wives

Real-life experiences and thoughts about "going black" from white women who've been there. Secret fantasies and hidden cravings from those who are curious. No matter which camp you fall into, you're not alone!

Personal Experiences

If you didn't like watching your wife or girlfriend taking big black dick (or at least fantasizing about it), you wouldn't be here. Now read about what other men have to say on the subject! (A total of 13 pages.)

Black Magic Moments

This is the new section for all your true stories of Interracial Lust - you know how much you love giving your lady to a big black stud. Now tell us all about it.

Well-Bred White Girls

Lots of women get a special thrill from going "bareback," i.e. having unprotected sex (no rubbers, no contraception) with a black guy, thereby running the risk of being impregnated. Here's where we talk about it.

The Sweet Smell of Success

This is where you tell everyone about your success stories. Perhaps you advertised in the Cavern and met someone worth talking about. Tell us all!

The Dark Cavern Interviews

Interviews with white couples and wives!

I Confess

A confessional section for white wives that have been seeing their black lovers without the knowledge of hubby!

Golden Oldies

A section for women in their 50's, 60's and 70's who love black cocks and black action.

Erotic Poetry

Dark Desires in poetic form.

Fantasy & Fiction

A section for fantasy and fiction tales of Interracial Lust.


Your very own story page.

Cock Slapping

Photos and stories of guys who like to slap their white women with their cocks.

Resources & Downloads

The Trading Post

For buying, selling and trading Interracial videos. Please note, this an unsupported section. You deal with the individual direct. The Cavern simply provides the list.

How To Convince Your Wife To Try Black Cock

The definitive guide for all husbands. You've always wanted to try it but didn't quite know how. Read this and soon your wife will be accepting all the hot black cock you know you want her to have.

Peggy's Guide For The Black Guys

The new guide for all prospective studs. Written by a woman who knows what she wants!

Questions and Answers

Questions to a stud - and his answers!

Mandingo Hostel

A "hostel" program for white couples and black men!


A reading list for visitors to the Cavern.


A list of clubs friendly to Interracial.

In Focus

This section is a list only of people with webcams.

Wives Talkshop

A section for white wives to detail some special act, technique, etc she uses to pleasure her black man.

White Wife Blacking

This section is for all you hubbies to tell everyone how you first turned your wife onto black fucking.

The Thinktank

A section where people can write in with their 'Thoughts' about the BM/WF scene.


For wav files or sounds of white women enjoying black men!

Hidden Cam

This section is for secret or hidden cam pics of white wives either on their own or performing with their black lovers!

The Grotto

Dark Cavern Merchandise

Ask a MILF

Advice From An Interracial Slut

Ask Video Bill

Want to know how to shoot High Quality pro looking videos of your lady in action? Video Bill can set you straight.

Black Pole Creamers

Pictures of black cocks getting creamed on by whitepussies.

Personal & Miscellaneous

Single White Female

A section for single white women looking for the black man of her dreams!

The Prospective Hotwife Message Board

Not quite sure if you're ready for the Black Experience. Dip your toes in the waters here!

Cuckold Corner

This corner of the Cavern is dedicated to men interested in becoming a cuckold, or looking for a girlfriend that loves black cock.

Cuckold Corner Cuties

This corner of the Cavern is for ladies who want a cuckold for their partner, who will allow them to enjoy all the black cock they desire.

Watchers' World

A section for white men who would like to date or have a relationship with a white woman who would like to enjoy a black dick occasionally.

The Anonymous Section

For those of you who want to jump directly to the Anon Section!


This section is for those couples or women who have not yet tried the Interracial experience and who feel that they need to correspond with either black males or other white couples in a similar situation.

The Dark Dungeon

This is a section for submissive white cuckolds and bisexual black men.

Strippers and Dancers

This section is for women (with or without hubby) that want to dance and strip at black only bachelor and birthday parties.

Phone Me

This is a section for women and couples only who want to advertise for black guys to phone them and have phone sex together.

Humiliating The Hubby

This is a place where the wives and studs can suggest new ways to humiliate the wimp hubbies.

Working Wives

For black bosses and white wives!

Working Cuckolds

A section for cuckolds who black men can hire!

Fakin' It

For fake interracial pics of white wives, from the pen of our resident photomanipulation artist.

Under Ground

A section for stories, ads or anything related to Black on Black sex.

Choc Chicks

A section for lovely chocolate chicks to meet white guys.

Marcus Blair's Cuckold Report

A no-holds-barred exploration of the cuckolding lifestyle for adults only.

Cuckold Capers

Stories, real or fantasy, with a cuckolded by black theme.

Blacklist Gallery

This is for women with websites announcing that they have gone black and where you can see it.

Fantasy Lover

This is the section where you can receive fantasy mail from your wife's black lover or be the fantasy lover of another man's wife.

Calendar Girl

The Cavern's very own Calendar!

B and D

For Bondage and Discipline.

Vintage Erotica

Blasts from the past.

Shaggy or Sheathed

A section for hairy black men and also black men modelling or wearing condoms.

Dark Sissies

This section is for men who want to learn how to be cuckolds or wives wanting to know how to make their hubbies into cucks and/or sissies to black men.

Meat Beat Meetup

A section for guys who would like to either get together on the phone for a DC JO session, or even in person.

Anal Pies

Anal Creampies!

Contact Cards

A concise way of collating all your details in one place.

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